Raro, rarito…, pero me temo que estas son las nuevas cartografias de los nuevos recursos. Aconsejo seguir los enlaces sugeridos en el texto

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Hevea = Natural Rubber

Huile de palme = Palm Oil

Platine = Platinum

Argent = Silver

Terres Rares = Rare Earth Elements


or put another way…

– more than 50% of the world’s natural rubber comes from two countries – Indonesia and Thailand

– 85% of the world’s palm oil comes from two countries – Malaysia and Indonesia

– 87% of the world’s lithium comes from three countries – Chile, China and Australia (although there are reports that Afghanistan could possibly become the `Saudi Arabia’ of lithium production). Think of what would happen to the anti-depressant industry if half of their populations turned out to be like ours: bipolar.

– 53% of the world’s reserves in copper come from three countries – Chile, Peru and Australia.

– 64% of the world’s cobalt comes from two adjoining African countries – the Congo and Zambia

– 87% of the world’s platinum comes…

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