Guest contribution: The Spanish electricity market – a critical review

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Following the discussion started in our previous post about energy poverty in Spain, guest contributor Aurèlia Mañé Estrada (University of Barcelona) gives us her critical views about the failures of the Spanish electricity market and recent legislative proposals presented by the Spanish governments last June 19th. Professor Mañé Estrada holds a PhD degree from the University of Barcelona, where she currently teaches subjects related to economic policy and international energy systems and relations. She is is a member of the University of Barcelona’s Economic Transition Analysis Group (GATE) and the author of the blog Nuevas cartografías de la energía.

The Spanish electricity market – a critical review

Some days ago two new proposals of law dealing with both the renewable energy generation and self-consumption were presented for public discussion by the government in Spain. It is still too early to evaluate the actual aftermath of both proposals…

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